Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16x18 Racquet

Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16x18

The Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16x18 is the preferred racquet of David Ferrer, which gives players confidence knowing that it performs well from the baseline with a great amount of top spin from the open string pattern. The frame is extremely flexible and players can be aggressive and go for big shots without the fear of losing control. It also performs very well at the net, as the control is so superior that players can direct the ball anywhere they want. This flexibility is also great for the arm and can be the solution to any issues you may be experiencing in this regard, such as tennis elbow or just arm fatigue. The racquet is very responsive and can be a great choice for intermediate and advanced players, and of course for ATP tour players like David Ferrer.

Prince is utilizing EXO3 technology where the standard grommets are replaced by large holes that liberates the strings from these grommets and can respond more freely. This is even more important on off-center shots and the EXO3 technology really gives you are large sweetspot, where off-center shots respond as they were hit in the center.

Headsize:  100 sqin
Length:  27.00 in
Weight:  11.6 oz / 329 g
Balance:  7 pts head light
Stiffness:  52
Swingweight:  323
String pattern:  16x18
Tension:  53 - 63 lbs
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains Skip: 8H, 8T
One Piece
No Shared Holes

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