Prince Warrior 100 ESP Racquet

Prince Warrior 100 ESP

The Warrior line of tennis racquets from Prince is very popular and used by several tour players, and know there is another addition to that line in the form of Prince Warrior 100 ESP. You still get the innovative EXO3 technology, but now you also have the choice to play with an extremely open string pattern as this one has only 14 mains and 16 crosses. The ESP (Extreme String Pattern) is giving you access to 30% more spin than a conventional racquet. Another technology added to the line of ESP racquets is the Double Bridge located near the throat. This reduces frame vibrations and string vibrations for a more comfortable feel.

This racquet is perfect for baseline players looking for spin and power. In addition to the massive amounts of top spin that can be created with the Warrior 100 ESP, you also have a stiff frame that converts all the energy at ball impact into the ball and a head heavy frame that adds extra pace. Your opponent is in big trouble if you are able to maximize the potential that is offered by the Warrior 100 ESP. This is a racquet that both intermediate and advanced tennis players can get a lot out of.

Headsize:  100 sqin
Length:  27.00 in
Weight:  10.8 oz / 306 g
Balance:  2 pts head light
Stiffness:  68
Swingweight:  312
String pattern:  14x16
Tension:  55 - 65 lbs
String Pattern: 14 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains Skip: 6T, 8T, 7H
One Piece
No Shared Holes

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