ProKennex Tennis Racquets

ProKennex was founded in 1978 and claim to be the first tennis brand to develop a mid size graphite tennis racquet. ProKennex has always been eager to develop and utilize new technologies and the company has exclusively developed Kinetic and Ionic technology used in the ProKennex tennis racquets today. ProKennex knows how to make frames and is a strong brand not only in tennis, but also squash and badminton. Club players may wonder why there are not as many pro players using ProKennex tennis racquets, but this is simply a business decision made by the company. Rather than sign up pro players for sponsor ships, the focus is solely on developing the best possible tennis racquets.

ProKennex Ionic Series… Headsize Weight Stiffness Swingw.
  •  ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE 100 sqin 13.4 oz 63 345
  •  ProKennex Ionic Ki 5X 100 sqin 12.2 oz 62 330
  •  ProKennex Ionic Ki 15 PSE 105 sqin 11.6 oz 70 295
  •  ProKennex Ionic Ki 20 110 sqin 9.8 oz 66 308
  •  ProKennex Ionic Ki 30 117 sqin 10.1 oz 69 302